Zofia Baumann (PI)

Zofia Baumann joined the Department of Marine Sciences in September 2014. She is an interdisciplinary marine scientist who uses chemicals that accumulate in marine organisms to study their ecology. She also investigates mechanisms via which harmful chemicals enter marine food webs. She is focusing on chemical contaminants that are of significance to both human as well as wildlife health. Her research relies on a combination of field-based measurements, experimentation and modeling.

[mercury, methyl mercury, photochemistry, seawater, Arctic]

Wesley Huffman (PhD student)

Wes Huffman

Wesley Huffmany started his PhD at University of Connecticut Avery point in August of 2017 after receiving his B.S. degree in Marine Sciences from the UConn in May of 2017. His PhD research at UConn includes both field and experimental work on mercury biogeochemistry, focusing mainly on mercury bioaccumulation in zooplankton, primarily copepods. His current projects include investigating mercury cycling and bioaccumulation within the Hackensack River, Long Island Sound, and Bering Sea.

[methylmercury, bioaccumulation, zooplankton, copepods, Long Island Sound, Hackensack River, Southeastern Bering Sea]


Gunnar Hansen (PhD student)

ZB and Gunnar on R/V Connecticut
Gunnar Hansen started in summer of 2016 as a PhD student. He is co-advised by Zofia Baumann and Rob Mason.

[shellfish, benthic invertebrates, fish, mercury, methylmercury, bioaccumulation]

Mackenzie Blanusa (BSc student)

Mackenzie Blanusa
Mackenzie Blanusa started join in spring of 2018. She is an undergraduate student here at UConn Avery Point and is studying Marine and Atmospheric Science. She enjoys sailing and scuba diving. In the future, Mackenzie would like to pursue a graduate program here at UConn.
Watch Mackenzie explain how to measure mercury in ribbed mussels

[ocean, atmosphere, mercury]

Former Lab Members

Brian DiMento (Post-doctoralrResearcher from July to December 2018). Currently Brian is a Postdoctoral Scientist at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences.

Former undergraduate and high school students

James Harrington (summer 2016)
Gregory Felver
Gregory Felver (fall 2017 – fall 2018)